about the teachers ~


Eleanor Cole Levinson. I discovered yoga in 1998 in a gym. At the time I was an athlete and fitness instructor with the aches, pains, and injuries that came with overtraining and pushing my body beyond its limits. One day I ventured into a yoga class and by my first savasana I knew I was home. I was stunned and relieved to realize that building strength, flexibility, and balance doesn’t have to hurt. After years of trying to pound my body into submission, I learned to respect it; to treat it with compassion, patience, and interest. In tuning in to my body, I tuned in to my breath and my mind, finding peace, ease, and profound healing. Yoga has been my lifeline through a major career change, the birth and care of two children, and the inevitable aches and pains of aging. In May 2011 I completed my teacher training with Ti Harmony and feel privileged to share the gift of yoga with students of all ages, body types, and levels of experience.
Vickie Wheeler. Actually, we don't have a current picture of Vickie, our power yoga teacher. Here are a few facts. Inspired by the likes of Baron Bapitiste & Brian Kest her classes are strong & athletic, more strength than stretch. They will challenge you. She tends to have more men in her classes than you find in most yoga classes. She gives lots of individual attention. Besides a standing poses flow you work on arm balances and inverstions in each class (crow, hand stand, shoulder stand, head stand and variations of these - you chose!). She fills the room frequently and her students are dedicated and sing her praises. Bring a towel and your own mat please, as you will sweat - yes, definitely sweat. You may want to bring water too.
Donna Norfolk. I was drawn to yoga in the early 80’s as a way to strengthen and tone my body. I soon discovered that a regular practice of yoga not only shaped and toned my body physically but also soothed my mind and opened me more fully to the underlying joy and spirit in life. Yoga just makes me feel good! There is something about the intention in the practice of yoga that brings you to a deeper, more pleasant place in your self. I opened The Yoga Practice Center in January of 2004 with the intention of creating a place to continue to learn, practice, and study the art and science of yoga. Namasté

We are conveniently located on the edge of RTP in Durham, NC at the intersection of Hwy. 54 & 55 in Executive Office Park.