in gratitude ~

thank you for bringing cash or check, no credit cards please.


Single class/drop-in rate: $14 per class
5 class pass card: $65 ($13/per class)
10 class pass card: $120 ($12/per class)
20 class pass card: $220 ($11/per class)
Session and Special Class rates may vary, please check with your teacher.

Pass cards expire 12 weeks from date of purchase
Class fees, once paid, are not refundable.
There is a $25 dollar fee for returned checks.
Please call for rates for private and corporate workshops and classes.

"...piling up zeros in your bank account, or cars in your driveway, won't in and of itself make you successful. Rather, true success is based on a constant flow of giving and receiving. In fact, if you look up affluence in the dictionary, you'll see its root is a Latin phrase meaning "to flow with abundance". So in order to be truly affluent, you must always let what you have recieved flow back into the world." - Russell Simmons, entrepreneur and co-founder of the hip-hop label Def Jam.